13- A Letter From The Editor

You’ve been following the events on this website as presented for some time now. The correspondents who willingly provide their personal experiences of this wonderful city of ours are some of the bravest, most interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with professionally. NYC is a fascinating mistress and these kind people I work with have assisted me so thoroughly by finding all the hidden nooks and crannies within the city.

Now, on this note, I must present something unfortunate. The correspondent you may have become familiar with, A., has gone missing. She not returned phone calls, emails, or text messages. K. dropped by her apartment and informed me that no one was to be found, and the apartment itself was in a state of disarray. Her purse, wallet, luggage bags, and most clothes were still present in the apartment. Her house keys were not found, but otherwise everything was present in her apartment. The clothes were found scattered across the apartment, as was her silverware, paper plates, and solo cups.

In light of these recent discoveries, this site is obviously taking a hiatus this week from the testimonials of my fellow correspondents. Please, keep us and our wonderful friend A. in your thoughts as we hope to hear from her.

We do still have a few of A.’s particular write-ups. I will be going through the backlog of A.’s testimonials over these next few weeks, and hopefully we’ll have heard something from her in that time.

Thank you for your patronage, your patience, and your eyes on our little corner of the city.


The Editor, -JJ.

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