9- Too Many Windows On The Spire

I used my press pass to gain access to the Empire State Building. After my interview with the Baron of Brooklyn, i couldn’t get the sentence about windows out of my head. So every day, for a week, I counted every window in the building, one floor at a time. I left a tiny mark just beneath each window in red marker. I needed to be sure.

Six Thousand Five Hundred and Two. That’s the number of windows the Baron of Brooklyn claimed were on the Empire State Building now. It was a piece of trivia I never cared to know. Anywhere I looked said the same number, but he made it clear that he remembered it having six thousand five hundred exactly. But, when I counted, my clicker read 6500.

I am currently writing this from the viewing platform at the top of the Empire State. All the signs claimed that it was closed for viewing but the elevator up was operating and no one stopped me. Everything looks fine from up here. No out of place animals or strange people. Been trying to get in touch with A. to no avail. Editor hasn’t told me what she’s out investigating, so we’re all just waiting to hear back from her. Well, I am. Don’t know about the rest of them. Can’t believe it’s only been two months. This thing is tearing my thoughts apart.

I took a walk around the Intrepid when i finished up with the windows. There’s a submarine in the water beside the Intrepid, sometimes open and available for touring during certain seasons. There was a short line and I decided to pay the money to kill time and check it out.

It happened immediately after I descended the ladder into the sub. Glass. I stepped down and there was glass underfoot when I stepped down. I stepped away and checked, but there was no glass. During the tour, every few steps I felt and heard it. The crunch of shattered glass beneath me. I asked others in the tour if they heard or saw glass. They didn’t.

About ten minutes in I slammed my hand down where my foot had just been, hoping desperately I would cut my palm on something. My hand bounced off the metal floor and it hurt like hell. I was sweating, i must have looked like a freak.

Then there was the porthole. We were all given the chance to look out the window into the Hudson. I approached for my turn. I put my hand up against the window, which promised to be inches of thick glass. My hand went right through empty space and my hand was engulfed by the river. I screamed and pulled back and water rushed in with me, for a second, then reformed to the river as though the window was there again. People screamed at the water rushing in. The tour guide evacuated us.

I’m gonna take a vacation.


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