8- A Circus Bear On A Crashing Spaceship.

[Found something else, Patty. Visited colleague’s residence the other day, did some digging. Green notebook, all graphing paper on the inside. Said that she’d picked it up at a bookstore in DUMBO, see if you can find anything on that. Update log of some sort, not sure if original document, doubtful, however. Not sure if personal log or official. Transcribed the information in the notebook here, below, add it to the document and the board.

Can you find any and all news articles or insider information available about the International Space Station, while you’re at it? Thanks.

Also, have you found anything in regards to that Canadian vessel in the Hudson Bay? The turtle pond one?


Bear Log

  • Boris has been successfully delivered to the ISS.

  • Inquired to base why we needed to study the effects of a juggling Grizzly Bear in space. Received a response.

  • Boris has been secluded to a private area while Madeline makes him comfortable with his new surroundings.

  • Observation: Boris is moving out of his little corner of his room. Trying to adjust him to the rest of the crew.

  • Delivery of Food Stuffs came on ████████. Mostly for Boris. Secondary delivery arriving tomorrow.

  • Boris is moving around the station now.

  • Pet Boris today.

  • Received itinerary on experiments to be performed with Boris starting within the week.

    • Inquired further about the need for these conducted experiments with bear and why they need to be done here. Received response. Non-answer.

    • Not sending any more people, until the experiments with Boris are finished.

  • Boris wandering around the cabin now.

  • Day of First Experiment: Boris was able to balance on top of round rubber ball.

    • Follow-Up: Able to balance on rubber ball seven days in a row.

    • Command only sent the one ball in the experiments box.

      • Told to repeat experiment until given further commands.

  • Dug out custom suit for Boris they sent up with him.

  • Boris purposefully secluding self.

  • Word is we are receiving information on next experiment with Boris in a few hours. Continuing rubber ball experiment today.

  • Boris to take space walk on hull in twenty minutes.

  • Space walk successful, asked to repeat it in month.

  • Boris wandering station again, mingling with crew.

  • Sent ████████ home successfully today. Told still not receiving more crew for mission until Boris experiment done.

  • Second walk successful.

  • ███████████████████████████████████████████

  • Boris spoke today.

  • Boris continuing to communicate in broken Russian.

  • Boris secluded self in bunk. Howling and crying.

  • “Плач. Главная. буйвол.” Rough translation. Difficult to transcribe through muted growling and rumbling vocal chords.

  • Roaring loud enough across cabin. Boris issuing demands and commands to crew.

  • Inquired to command about Boris’s status. Confirmed Boris is a North American bear. No understanding from command about Boris’s talking. Told to continue with upcoming walk.

    • Could not explain why a circus bear was up here in the first place.

  • Space walk terminated early. Panic from Boris.

  • “Greg! Greg!” Kept repeating.

  • Mauled Madeline, ████████, and ███. Locked down section of ship.

  • Inquired to command about next move. No response.

  • Pounding at door still. Shortness of breath. Trying to limit oxygen.

  • Broke through first door. Heard metal rending. No response from command.

  • Keeps calling out for help. More Russian. Cannot translate without ███.

  • Ordered evacuation.

  • Boris performing space walk alone. Clawing at ship from outside.

  • Back inside, hitting lock again.

  • “Murderer! Murderer!” Only English spoken from Boris.

  • Evacuation complete. Boris remaining on ISS.

  • Touchdown and homecoming complete. Command responding.

  • Status of ISS uncertain, discussion of extraction of bodies and Boris. Possibility to put station in sunset.

  • Sunset. Station should fall into atmosphere within the year.

  • Official turnover of experiment log to Wallace. X_███████████████.

  • Circus Bear Experiment placed on hiatus until further notice.

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