19- An Allosaurus In The Storm Drain

by K.

Eyewitness reports have been surging, claiming that there has been some sort of animal crawling out of the storm drain on Corlear Avenue and 236th Street. Accounts have described a large reptilian animal entering and leaving the storm drain during the late night.

Jacob Bobsleng, 26, was working a shift at the Pizza Hut nearby and described seeing, “this big thing. Hunched over, but still standing upright, and I was pretty sure I saw claws. It ran under the streetlight for like a second and then it was gone. I locked myself in the store, I wasn’t sure what I’d seen.”

No one has given any conclusive answers or theories about what could possibly be crawling out of the drains at night. However, many in the Kingsbridge area are connecting this animal to the recent series of dead stray animals that have been found on the streets these last few weeks. This also follows supposed sightings of cougars and cheetahs in this neighborhood as well.

Others in the area are insisting that this is a situation of mass hysteria following the recent sightings of rare animals. The police of the 50th precinct is investigating the situation.

UPDATE 4/19– Officers are confirming that some kind of dangerous reptilian is, in fact, loose in the sewers just beneath Kingsbridge. This confirmation comes after an officer was mauled by the animal this evening.

Police were investigating the storm drain in question when Officer Hide received slashes across his neck and chest by the animal, before it seemed to retreat into the storm drain.
More on this story as it develops.

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