15- A Snake In A Boot

There’s a snake in my house. No story, no lead up, there’s a snake in my apartment. A huge, horned, Cobra is living in my closet right now.

I went to my closet to pull out my boots for the cold weather today, I wanted to get in a quick jog. I pulled one boot on with no issue. I pulled the other one on and felt something inside it, stopping my foot. When I pulled back, I looked inside to see what it was. From no where, this cobra leaped out of my shoe and tried to bite me, but I avoided the lunge. I threw the boot back into my closet, heard it slam against the back wall. The cobra started rising out of my boot. The front of its horns and its beady eyes and its slick tongue were glistening off the lamp that shined directly into the closet.

I looked directly into its eyes. I could almost feel myself becoming frozen. It just kept getting longer and longer as it rose up. It kept its head elevated but its body seemed to keep spilling out of the boot, inch by inch, second by second. It moved its head to explore its surroundings and the eye contact broke. I could feel my senses returned to me.

I slammed the door as hard as I could. I pushed my dresser in front of the closet, piled absolutely everything I could in front of it. It slammed against the door. Its fangs drove through the thick wood. I pushed my lamp and coat rack and everything else I could in front of the door and tried to keep it back. It continued to slam against my door, its fangs protruding and leaving holes in the door with ever strike.

I lived like that for four days. I went to bed with a knife in my hand. Every couple of minutes for four days, slam, slam slam SLAM SLAM SLAM. A pair of holes left behind in my closet door with every hit. It just kept slamming it harder. It dropped below zero for a few days in the city and I just lived without my jackets and the same pair of clothes I had been wearing because I was scared to get near my dresser with it slamming into the door behind it. I think it started hammering against the wall at some point during on of the nights.
And it sounded like it just kept getting bigger.

I called R. in yesterday and he was so willing to come around. He had this absolutely huge sword and I couldn’t really understand what he was saying, he speaks so broken and so fast. But I definitely caught the word basilisk and, now that I’ve been to the library finding out what that was, I’m terrified, quite frankly.
He pushed my dresser out of the way and the rest of my things, and the door was just peppered with holes, holes, holes!
He pulled the sword out, ripped the doors open, and there was nothing there.
A hole sat in the left wall of my closet, about two feet wide. It had burrowed through the concrete and escaped, I assume while I was out getting R.
R. hammered in some white wood to match the wall and told me I should be fine.

I pulled everything I cared about out of my closet and piled them on the couch, I’m not going back in there.


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