23- A Fly On The Wall

–That was A████████. That body they found.

–All evidence points to this being the case.

–Let’s not get too out of sorts here everyone. If we all start getting too excited here, we aren’t going to get anything done. So let’s just focus for a second.

– J█████, I am very fucking calm. I reported the fucking story. What’s going on here anymore?

–My consensus lies with the reporter woman. The news is out, the whole city is aware of A████████’s body in Van Cortland, meaning that even being near that apartment is a dangerous situation for us. You never know what lies here, not anymore. I’d recommend you all start carrying swords.

–Speaking of, being here? McGoo’s? we’re two blocks from the precinct and

–No one knows we have any connection to her. It’s all scrubbed from the website, every post. None of our names get past the sensor, there’s nothing that links us to it, the police aren’t gonna question us, and even if they did, we legitimately don’t know anything.

–A.’s increased encounters with the misplaced animals is what ultimately led to this. While we have all encountered strange things, she consistently encountered a certain type of strange thing here. She continued to return and it was her undoing. Killed by a wild animal that shouldn’t be there. So, K. there is little issue for us in that regard.

–Shut the fuck up with that A. and K. and JJ and R. shit, H█████.


–H. is right, K█████.

–Holy shit. They’re treating it as a murder.

–As they should, K., she encountered something that killed her.




–I do think that I am going to camp away from the city for a time. I’ve heard a beck and call from a nearby flea that there is an [unintelligible]…….. So I’ll get away from all this for a bit.

–And what exactly is all this, R██████?

–That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

–I didn’t ask you.

–We’re on the same side here.

–Until we die doing this. We’ve been at this for months and we’re no closer to understanding what’s going on than we were at the start. And now one of us is dead. What now?

–Please, alright, let’s just settle down. Let’s enjoy some drinks and talk calmly about all this.

–We’re long beyond that. And when are you [unintelligible], or the site for that matter

–Nothing has happened to the site.

–We all read the site, J█████. 18, 20, 22, that wasn’t any of us. Weeks Premium?

–No one has access to the site but us, and I don’t know what you’re talking about.

–Nae do I, fair friend.

–You’re creating a problem that doesn’t exist.

–I’m creating……. I’m leaving.

–We need to talk about all this, don’t fucking leave.

–You can email me.

–We need to talk about what’s going on, come on, don’t leave.

–We don’t know what’s going on, and we’re not going to piece it together with no pieces.


–And post her last article, for fucks sake. You said you were gonna do it months ago and we all wanna see it.

–I don’t…..











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