7- A Californian In The Cold

By K.

Natives to Long Island City found themselves suddenly chilly yesterday when an unexpected hail storm passed over the city. What began as a light drizzle in the Bronx turned into an unexpectedly powerful hail storm when it got to Queens.

While the rest of Queens was recording cold temperatures in the mid-30s, Long Island City was receiving listings as low as -2°. Winds of up to eighty miles per hour were also reported in Long Island City, alongside the hail that some residents claim reached the size of baseballs.

“Completely destroyed my car,” Michael Gritchner, 35, had to say, “ripped straight through the roof and down the undercarriage.”

Extensive glass damage was also reported across the entirety of Long Island City. Multiple 911 calls detailed cars being ripped through by the falling ice. No major injuries were reported.

Hailey Holiday, who moved to the city from San Diego in January, described it as “like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It started real simple, just a bit of snow, it’s December, that’s expected. But when the ice started coming it was immediately too much. I had my umbrella and the very first piece of ice that hit it went straight through the fabric, the second one shattered the frame. It was all I could do but to duck under the concrete archway and hope. But there was- it was concrete dust, falling as the hail just pummeled it, absolutely pummeled it. The next thing I knew, I was watching my car as it was just shredded before my very eyes. Honestly, what was I to even think? But what was so strange, so strange, was after it was over. The wind died down, the hail stopped, this must have been after a few hours. And it was so hot. I was absolutely sweating underneath my jacket. The ice it just melted away in a snap. If it weren’t for the holes in my car, I swear I would’ve dreamed the entire thing. It was all so strange, so strange.

“But weirder than everything was the dirt afterward. It was completely dry and cracking. The soil it was just, like, it was as if it had completely given up. You stepped on it and it just turned to complete dust. A light breeze came through at one point and I watched it take the dirt right up from around the trees. It was like throwing sand into a hurricane. It wasn’t natural. And I remember, I stooped down and I lifted up a handful of dirt and it was like holding a collections of squirrel bones in my fist, but just the bones. Just the bones.”

Immediate readings after the storm placed the temperature in the high 80s, while the rest of the city continued to chill in the 30s.

This comes a few weeks after the announcement that Amazon’s eighth headquarters was going to be housed in the area.

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